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Tony Khan responds to AEW Revolution's show-closing explosion


Tony Khan has spoken out on the ending of tonight’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view event.

During a Revolution post-show media scrum, Khan explained that the reason the show-ending explosion was weak was because in storyline, Kenny Omega failed to deliver on his promise of an exploding ring.

“I think we’re all lucky that the bomb going off at the end didn’t really hurt anybody...Kenny’s big master plan -- he built a dud,” Khan said. “Who would have thought when he drew the big plan with crayons that maybe the bomb might not fail to take both guys out.”

“But at the end, I don’t know what people really wanted unless you wanted us to actually explode the guys at the end, there’s only so much you can do,” Khan later added. “So without actually blowing the ring and blowing both guys up, I think the basic explanation is Kenny’s ring was set to explode and his plan as a heel who built this thing with a hammer and nails as we saw, the final bomb just didn’t go off.”

Khan also pointed to Jox Moxley’s promo after the show went off the air, where Moxley addressed the underwhelming explosion.

“Kenny Omega may be a tough son of a b****, but he can’t make an exploding ring worth a s***,” Moxley said. “I’ve seen more dangerous s*** on Ridiculousness on MTV. What the f*** was that?”

The end of the show saw Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows), who helped Omega retain the AEW World Heavyweight title, handcuff Moxley, leaving him in the ring as the countdown timer ticked down. Eddie Kingston then made the save for Moxley as Omega and the Good Brothers left. Kingston was unable to get Moxley out of the ring on time and instead covered him as the explosions went off. However, on television, none of the explosions appeared to hit Kingston or Moxley. Despite that, both men sold the explosion, laying motionless in the ring as the show went off the air.