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Tony Khan says AEW not moving to two-night PPVs

Khan appeared on Busted Open Radio on Wednesday.

Tony Khan says AEW will not be moving to two-day pay-per-views for "the long-term foreseeable future." 

Dustin Rhodes mentioned during a panel discussion at Terrificon recently that he had heard AEW would potentially be moving to multi-day events "down the pike." Khan appeared on Busted Open Radio on Wednesday and refuted these claims, however. 

"I saw a report that we were talking about doing two-day pay-per-views yesterday and I was like, 'well, who said that?' and then I looked and it was Dustin [Rhodes]," Khan said. "I was like, 'why would Dustin say that?' And I love Dustin so much but I was surprised that he said it because it's not something we've really internally seriously discussed."

"At most maybe I said, 'hey, that's an interesting business model' but far from ever saying that's how I'm taking our stuff or that's what I'm going to do. So, I'm definitely not doing that. That being said, even if I was and I'm not, I probably wouldn't want somebody to break that news in a panel but I can honestly say that's not what we're doing, anyway, but I was surprised by that. For at least for the long-term foreseeable future I still see all the pay-per-views being the great one-day events we've been doing."