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Tony Khan says his 'big announcement' will be revealed on next AEW Dynamite

The AEW president said the news will impact the entire wrestling industry and isn't about a particular piece of talent.

This story was updated at 8:10 PM Eastern.

AEW's Tony Khan said that the big announcement he has been teasing as of late will be revealed Wednesday.

After an appearance earlier Friday on Busted Open Radio where he said he believed he would be in a position to announce the news on Wednesday's Dynamite, he told the Florida Times-Union Friday night on The State of Florida Sports podcast that he indeed will make the "historic announcement."

“I'm going to make a historic announcement at the show in Jacksonville, which I'm really excited about, and it's only the beginning to a great week on the road to the Revolution pay-per-view," he said.

He noted on Busted Open that the announcement is not just about one particular piece of talent but rather something that will impact the entire industry. 

"I have a huge announcement coming and nobody knows what it is. It's going to be something very important in the wrestling business. It's not just one particular piece of talent; it's something very special. I'm really excited about it and I believe it is something we will be in a position to announce on Wednesday," he told Busted Open.

Speaking to Tony Schiavone last Wednesday before Dynamite, Khan said he was working on "something massive" that was of similar importance to "The First Dance" when CM Punk returned to wrestling after a seven-year absence.

"I promise you something big is coming. It's not like 'The First Dance' where I can put a date, time and place on it and say I know exactly when. But it is like the 'The First Dance' that I know something big and important is coming to AEW and I am very excited about it," he said Wednesday.