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Tony Khan says he’s wanted to give Thunder Rosa ‘every opportunity’ to defend AEW Women's title

Rosa has been out of action since August.

Tony Khan has addressed the AEW interim Women's World Championship situation. 

The AEW President appeared on Barstool Rasslin and spoke about possibly removing the interim tag from Toni Storm's title reign. 

"The champion, Thunder Rosa, has been out injured so we'll see. I've wanted to give Thunder Rosa every opportunity to come back and defend the championship," Khan said. "She's been out a while, so we'll have to see. It's a difficult choice but I do think the interim champion's been out there and the interim champion is Toni Storm, who is one of the biggest free agent signings we've ever had." 

"Toni Storm comes in and she's gone out every week and had great matches almost every week on TV," Khan continued. 

Khan would also talk about the match between Storm and Jamie Hayter at AEW Full Gear on Saturday. 

"You have this huge free agent, this big star Toni Storm, who came in with a great reputation and a lot of TV experience and millions of people knew who she was when she arrived vs. Jamie Hayter, who's really risen to worldwide prominence on AEW television."

"They've both become really key figures in AEW and it's going to be great to have this match, the interim Women's World Championship but certainly whoever wins it will truly be a world champion." 

Rosa addressed her injury status last month during an appearance on Busted Open Radio. She noted that she is hoping to return in January.

"I am still hurt. They haven't given me a time yet when I'm coming back. I'm saying it's January and I hope it is January. And again, if Toni Storm disagrees with what was decided in the back, that is not my problem," she said. "When I get better, I will still be the champion if my boss lets me be the champion. If he doesn't, I will be okay with that decision too, because I don't make the rules and that needs to be said."

During an interview with The Ringer released on Thursday, Storm addressed her thoughts on the title situation.

“Personally, I think she should just come to work and defend her championship like she’s supposed to, like a champion should," Storm said. "But if the injury lingers too long, I believe she should probably be stripped. And then I should be the AEW undisputed Women’s World Champion like I was supposed to be at All Out. That’s verbatim. I think she should defend her title. I think all champions should defend that championship. That doesn’t just go for Thunder Rosa. That goes for everybody.”