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Tony Khan says 'most' of AEW roster vaccinated against COVID-19


AEW president, CEO and GM Tony Khan says that "most" of the AEW talent roster has received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

In an interview with Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch, Khan went into detail about his own vaccination status, that of the AEW roster, plus why vaccination status is important as AEW looks to tour internationally. 

"I have got, most of the roster in AEW is vaccinated," Khan said. 

Khan said that he foresees a difficult landscape for unvaccinated talent as his company looks to tour outside of the United States, and even in certain areas of the U.S. with strict mandates. 

"And, for example, there have been some places we went where everybody had to be vaccinated... I think when the company starts doing international travel, we'll see that for say, Canada, for England, places like that, it'll be very difficult for wrestlers to travel without it," said Khan. 

"So it will certainly present a challenge as we tour. And I know California, in the future, is a place that has very strict mandates. So, most of the roster is vaccinated, and as we continue touring, I think it's something that may come up. So, I understand why for some people, especially with the return to touring, international touring looming, why that would be an issue."

Keller asked Khan directly whether or not he had been vaccinated against COVID. 

"Yeah. That's the first time somebody has ever asked me that on the record. But, yeah," Khan said. 

"I mean, I'm in the NFL. I mean, our access is very different if you're not. So I mean, it's different with players and ownership, yes, but all of us are under the same mandates and there's mask mandates in the locker room, and really it's a very different set of rules for the unvaccinated people in the NFL," said Khan. 

Khan said that he has not mandated that AEW talent get the vaccine.

"It has come up several times. I've not required it, same with the NFL, same with other wrestling leagues, but it will be a big challenge if you're not for a lot of circumstances," said Khan.  "A great example was the Jericho cruise where all the wrestlers on the Jericho cruise had to be vaccinated."

When asked if he had to have a heart-to-heart talk with any of his talent about getting vaccinated, Khan said that he had not, but did not rule out the possibility.

"No, it hasn't gotten to that point with anybody yet. At some point if we're gonna go do a show some place where there was a mandate, it could," said Khan.