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Tony Khan teases more AEW championships, confirms trios titles have been made

The AEW President says he had the trios belts made "a long time ago."
Tony Khan

Tony Khan has confirmed that AEW Trios Championships have been made and also teased there could be other titles that have been as well. 

During an interview with TSN, the AEW President revealed that he actually had the trios belts made a long time ago. 

“I saw Dave [Meltzer] reported it and nobody’s asked me on the record yet, but it is truthful that I have made the belts,” Khan said. “I made them a long time ago, to be honest with you. They’ve never been seen, and I did have them made. I do have more championship belts in my possession that have never been unveiled than anybody might suspect." 

Khan continued to say that he had the TBS Championship in his office for months before anyone knew it was going to be unveiled. He also noted that the purchase of ROH opens up the door to using their titles as well.  

"The Ring of Honor purchase and now the great stable of champions[hips] and IP and, not only the legacy of past events, but the great slate of, I think, potential future events we can do with Ring of Honor and all that was kind of a surprise to everybody that we kept under wraps, that came together more quickly, whereas the trios championships are something I’ve thought about for a long time."

Finally, Khan teased other potential titles that he may be considering

"But there are more championship belts than people might think that I’ve had up my sleeve and the trios championship are, arguably, the foremost.”