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Tony Khan: William Regal will have on-screen, backstage AEW roles

Regal made his AEW debut at Sunday's Revolution pay-per-view.

AEW president Tony Khan says to expect both on-screen and behind-the-scenes roles for new signee William Regal. 

Regal debuted at Sunday's Revolution pay-per-view in a post-match segment with Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley. In speaking at the post-show press conference, Khan said he expects Regal to contribute to the company in multiple ways. 

"I think he can contribute on-screen in a major way to both Bryan Danielson, and also he has a history with Jon Moxley," Khan said. "And also behind the scenes, I'm really excited to have him here. I think Lord Regal can teach all of us, everyone here, a lot."

Khan said that he was surprised that Regal was released by WWE, and was excited to bring him on board. 

"When he was released, I was very surprised, but also very eager to bring him here," said Khan.

News of Regal's WWE release broke on January 5, and Khan said that his deal came together very recently. 

"It came together very recently and I think it fits very well with everything we're doing here in AEW all-around," Khan said.

"I was very surprised to see that he had been released and was going to be available. I have tons of respect for his mind, and I think he's going to be a very valuable person here in AEW."