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Update: AEW sells out tickets for TV debut


Update --

Cody Rhodes tweeted that tickets have sold out: "SOLD OUT Thank you all so very much. (Do not give up hope on being there live though, we should be lifting potential camera/production holds as we get closer to the event. Keep checking at )"

Original --

On Friday, AEW fought through Ticketmaster issues and sold more than 9,200 tickets over two hours for their Wednesday, October 2nd TNT debut at the Capital One Center in Washington, DC.

The ticketing giant had some major issues where, for the first 90 minutes, prospective buyers were either told no tickets were available or tickets would be shown as available and then people would get messages that someone had beaten them to buying them. 

As a result, there were reports of an immediate sellout because people weren't able to buy anything. All tickets on the opposite side of the hard camera were sold, so it will look full on television even if no more seats are sold, which obviously won't be the case. 

Over the last several minutes, we're told TicketMaster's issues were cleared up and people have been able to order, but the question is how many people that were initially turned away are aware of this.