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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Accidental or on Purpose'


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

  • Matt and Nick Jackson threatened to hit -1 with a BTE Trigger, but they missed. -1 then stole their shoes. 

The Elite --

  • Footage from Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly's match on Dynamite was shown, as well as The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler watching the match backstage before they made their run-ins. The Bucks, Cole and Cutler speculated as to whether or not O'Reilly kicked Cole on purpose. 
  • The Bucks think O'Reilly can't be trusted, while Cole wants to trust him. 
  • In the closing scene, Christopher Daniels returned and announced that he has work to do.

Dark Order --

  • The group returned to their old Daily's Place lair. Colt Cabana did some magic tricks and turned himself into a miniature pumpkin. 
  • Adam Cole went to his hotel room and was secretly disappointed that Silver and Reynolds were not in this bed. They then cut to Silver and Reynolds in their hotel room, where they were a little sad that Cole wasn't there for them to squeeze. 

Hollywood Hunk --

  • A commercial for milk aired.