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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Best Friends commit murder

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The show opened with 50+ seconds for 50+. Matt Jackson worked some holds, sold his leg and did a series of simple spots to appeal to an older audience. 

Other highlights included:

  • Matt, Nick Jackson, Rick Knox, Brandon Cutler and Brian Cage were stranded in the Dallas airport after missing a flight to Jacksonville on Nick's birthday. 
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver tried to recruit Matt and Nick to Dark Order by pretending to be Christian AF. They got the story of Cain and Abel confused with the story of Kane and his brother Mark. 
  • Matt enlisted Christopher Daniels to come up with ways to appeal to the 50+ demo. Daniels decided that his first idea was to try an infomercial. 
  • Hangman Page, Kenny Omega, Matt and Nick were hanging out backstage at Dynamite after Page and Omega's title defense last week. FTR approached and told Page that he looked like a young Barry Windham. Omega said he doesn't watch wrestling so he doesn't know who that is. Page didn't know either. FTR offered Omega and The Bucks chocolate milk to toast with while they drank beer with Page. They were all getting along. 
  • Dark Order thought that Jungle Boy was Griff Garrison and kicked him out of their dressing room. Mr. Brodie Lee entered and slapped Silver with a stack of papers for being stupid. 
  • Matt Hardy talked to Matt and Nick. He said that he needs to be Matthew Hardy right now, grounded in reality. Hardy left. Matt and Nick then saw visions of Hardy's different personas but chalked it up to being tired after missing their flight. 
  • Colt Cabana decided to wait in the EVP locker room for Omega. He took a bite of Nick's birthday cake, got tired, then took a nap in the locker room. Best Friends and Orange Cassidy approached looking for Cutler who they have been trying to murder. 
  • Best Friends and Cassidy entered the EVP locker room and killed Cabana behind a closed door. They left the room and ran into Cutler as they realized they had killed the wrong guy.