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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Brandon Cutler's big win

being the elite 228

Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The Elite --

  • In the cold open, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson limped to the ring to support Brandon Cutler in his match against Peter Avalon. 
  • A Brandon Cutler video promo aired. It showed highlights from his long series of losses. Between singles and tags, Cutler went 0-25-2 in AEW before finally beating Avalon on Dark. The video ended with Cutler's first win.
  • Cutler and The Young Bucks cut a promo after after the victory. Cutler said wins and losses matter but people get caught up on the wins. Cutler said he proved that losses matter too. 

Dark Order --

  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver approached Darby Allin and tried to appeal to him by talking about how much they love Good Charlotte and skateboards. They also had their faces painted. Silver told Allin they wanted to recruit him. Allin chased them away.

Gator Golf --

  • Eddie Kingston made a putt backstage, but he is not in the tournament. 
  • The three-way Gator Golf final to determine the first BTE World Champion will be held on next week's episode. 

Miscellaneous bits --

  • Fuego Del Sol was with Sammy Guevara backstage. Fuego said he flew himself in, put himself up in a hotel and showed up at Dynamite in his gear to show that he was ready for an opportunity. Matt walked by. Guevara told Fuego that if he took out Matt he could get back into the Gator Golf tournament. Guevara threw a shoe at Matt but it hit Brian Cage instead. Cage went after Fuego. Fuego ratted Guevara out. Cage chased after Guevara. 
  • Super Panda and Luchasaurus were hanging out at Luchasaurus's dad's house. Dad made a cameo. Panda wanted to work on Luchasaurus being able to hit a destroyer. Luchasaurus only wanted to work on big man spots. Luchasaurus hit a dive off a diving board into a swimming pool but splashed his dad with water. 

Speaking Spanglish -- 

  • Alex Abrahantes hosted Spanglish Familia Feud. 
  • It was Dasha Gonzalez, Santana, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara & Diamante vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno, 10, Alan Angels, Stu Grayson, Anna Jay & John Silver)
  • The gag here was that the game was rigged in Dark Order's favor until Abrahantes showed up as his fortune teller character and tipped the game in the other side's favor. 
  • The sound quality was awful. The bit was endless. This was a huge miss.