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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'BTE is Back'


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

The Young Bucks spoke about taking a week off and how that had helped them recover from some burnout. They promised less personal information would be on BTE. They talked briefly about their three-year deals had always been three-year deals with a two-year option, and that they had their options exercised. 

The Elite --

Adam Cole did a commercial for the AEW General Manager mobile game. 

The Bucks shot some footage to be used for Giphy stickers. 

Dark Order --

Silver and Reynolds tried to talk to Adam Cole, but he told him that he hates them and doesn't want to see them again. Instead of calling him "Budge," Silver and Reynolds called him Cole and said they would respect his wishes. Cole acted sad as they left the room. 

The group discussed their problem with Bryan Danielson. Anna Jay told Danielson that she's next and demonstrated on Stu Grayson what she wanted to do to Danielson, beating him up all over the backstage area.

Best Friends --

Kris Statlander prepared for her TBS tournament match. John Silver appeared and wanted to be part of the training montage, but Statlander kicked him low. Wheeler Yuta started joining in on the Silver beatdown, but Statlander choked him out. 

Hollywood Hunk --

Ryan Nemeth and Peter Avalon were both still caught up on their exes.