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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Christian AF'

bte 209

The following message was posted in the video description for Being The Elite Episode 209:

"Hi guys and girls. We hope this video provides an escape, or even maybe makes you laugh during these tough times. We love you all. Out of respect to the victims, we have began the process of taking down BTE videos which featured an accused serial sexual abuser. Our biggest regret is providing a platform unknowingly to such a despicable person. Our hearts go out to the victims and anyone else affected. - From the BTE Team" 

Video --

Report --

  • This week's show opened with Nick Jackson introducing his new baby. He referred to the baby as his babyface. Matt Hardy broke in to explain the term "babyface" using broken brilliance. 
  • Kenny Omega and Hangman Page were hanging out backstage. Colt Cabana entered and tried to get Omega to chase him. Omega said that he's done with Cabana who has ruined his life and his career. Omega promised to beat Cabana and leave him in a pool of his own bodily fluids if he ever sees him on BTE again. Page no-sold the whole bit. 
  • Brandon Cutler was backstage. Best Friends and Orange Cassidy approached in a golf cart. Cutler asked if they had their BTE bit ready. The cart drove off without an answer. 
  • Ale Abrahantes, Dasha Gonzalez, Santana and Ortiz translated "hamberger", "hot doc" "chancletaso" from Spanglish. 
  • Cutler approached Peter Avalon and Leva Bates. They argued over which of them was the worst wrestler. 
  • Private Party were looking at the card for last week's Dynamite and noticed that they weren't booked. Nick approached and said that creative had nothing for them. Nick said he was "dead ass."
  • Mr. Brodie Lee was shown berating the Dark Order. He slapped Evil Uno with a stack of emails. Uno passed them to Alex Reynolds and John Silver and put them in charge of recruitment for Dark Order. 
  • A TH2 video promo aired. Angelico and Jack Evans cut promos on The Young Bucks. Evans used a Dave Meltzer reference and a bunch of video game references in his promo. 
  • Best Friends tried to think of a bit. Trent suggested killing Cutler instead of doing a bit. Trent said they should kill him with the plot of Home Alone. Orange suggested a Fast and Furious plot. 
  • Cutler Cam showed footage of The Bucks and FTR from Dynamite last week. 
  • Matt was walking backstage after the match, selling his ribs. Cutler offered Matt two different over the counter pain medicines. Matt said he wouldn't take them because he's "Christian AF.'"
  • Page tried to pour beer in Matt's mouth but he refused, again saying he's "Christian AF."
  • Matt entered his dressing room where Private Party and Matt Hardy were hanging out. They offered Matt a drink but he repeated that he's "Christian AF.