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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Christmas Surprise'


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

  • Trent continued his passive aggressive badgering of Wheeler Yuta. He told Yuta that he had taken his place in Best Friends while he was out injured, but he's back now, so Wheeler can go. He then told Wheeler he was just kidding. 

The Elite --

  • The Young Bucks talked about how they hated to leave their families to make towns, but that's what had to be done. They said that Adam Cole promised them a surprise. 
  • Matt and Nick went shoe shopping at a mall. 
  • Kyle O'Reilly's debut was shown from Dynamite. 
  • Adam Cole told the Bucks that Bobby Fish had set up Kyle coming in, that he and O'Reilly have stuff to work through but they're dangerous together. He said they're a super group now with the three of them and the Bucks. Matt and Nick acted like they weren't so sure about Kyle coming in and walked off. 

BTE Championship --

  • 2point0's Matt Lee defended the Championship against Daniel Garcia in a rock, paper, scissors battle. 

Hollywood Hunk --

  • Ryan Nemeth got kicked out of a casting agency. 

Leva Bates & Peter Avalon-- 

  • Leva Bates was trying on a Dark Order mask. JD Drake approached and said that Peter Avalon hasn't been the same since she started messing with his mind. Drake tried to pay Bates to leave Avalon alone. Bates took the money and said she's going to talk to Avalon anyway.