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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Colt Cabana calls Kenny Omega

bte 204

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Episode 204 of Being The Elite opened with a mystery person calling Kenny Omega via Zoom. The caller turned out to be Colt Cabana. 

Cabana asked Omega if they could bury the hatchet. Colt said that he doesn't need any heat or lawsuits with anyone in the wrestling business. The two called each other by their shoot names. 

Omega said he sees a lot of himself in Cabana. Kenny also said that he was afraid of losing his starring spot on BTE to Cabana, much the way that he was supposed to be the star of his tag team with Hangman Page. 

Their video call continued throughout the episode. 

Other highlights included:

  • Matt Jackson faked an injury and bladed to avoid taking out the garbage at home. 
  • Omega told Cabana about losing his spot in a school play to Willem Dafoe. Cabana said that Omega was opening up to him and making progress. 
  • Last week's reveal that Hangman Page was behind the recent attacks on Private Party was followed up on. Isiah Kassidy called Page. He issued a challenge to Page's hired guns, Bonez and The Bear, to face Private Party in a backyard match on next week's BTE. 
  • Matt went to Nick Jackson's house to meet up with Nick and Brandon Cutler. Matt explained that he "got color" in an accident at his house. Matt Hardy broke in to explain bleeding in wrestling. 
  • Nick revealed that he and Papa Buck have been building a custom wrestling ring in his yard. 
  • Omega said that he and Cabana are friends now. Omega laid out an angle for BTE. He said that he would book a storyline for BTE where Cabana swoops in and steals his spotlight in five months or on the next season of BTE. 
  • Justin Roberts was again shown at home. He stared at the ceiling and remembered previous BTE appearances. This will pay off at some point, I suppose. 
  • Page continued his video diary from living in the woods. He was drinking his own urine. A note appeared on the screen apologizing for the poor sound quality. In the note, Page explained that he made friends with a turtle in the woods. He then killed and ate the turtle. 
  • Page also said he encountered a bald eagle in the woods as he opened his last bottle of whiskey. He said he had a thought that he should go home, but realized that would be wrong. He said he can't infect anyone or get infected with coronavirus in the woods. 
  • Page again reconsidered. He gave a long monologue explaining his conflicting feelings about whether or not he should go home. The episode ended without Page making a decision.