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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Damascus meets Hangman Page


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This week's Being The Elite opened with The Elite hanging out in their dressing room. Brandon Cutler entered and told Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega that they were needed to do media. All three complained as if it were the biggest inconvenience. They asked Cutler to return in five minutes. 

When Cutler went back, Omega was "bleeding" from the stomach, while Matt and Nick were bleeding from the forehead. Cutler told them to forget about the media and went to get a doctor. 

With Cutler gone, Omega revealed that he had used ketchup for his fake blood. Nick said that he used stage blood. Matt said he used stage blood also, but in actuality, he used a blade to gig himself. 

Matt Hardy defined "gig" for the audience while Matt Jackson passed out. 

Other highlights from the episode included: 

  • Matt and Nick talked about the arrival of FTR and how surreal it was for them to appear after all these years. They said it was special but would have been more special in front of an audience. 
  • Swole gave a Public Swole Announcement and told us not to put Lysol in our throats. 
  • Best Friends and Orange Cassidy made a cameo. They were tasked with coming up with a bit for BTE.
  • TH2 cut promos. Angelico and Jack Evans talked about the injustices they have been dealing with in AEW. 
  • Kenny Omega was backstage looking for Colt Cabana so he could punch him. He ran into Chris Harrington instead. Harrington threatened Omega. Omega begged off. Cabana appeared and Omega swore that he would get him next week. 
  • Best Friends and Cassidy were hanging out in the showers. They were still trying to come up with a bit. 
  • Dustin Rhodes visited a fortune teller to ask what was up with Allie. If you don't watch Dark, Allie is no longer The Bunny and started cozying up to QT Marshall last week. The fortune teller told Rhodes that he saw him on the receiving end of a Shattered Dreams in the future. He said Allie only likes carrots, not apples. Rhodes didn't take this seriously and stormed out. 
  • We saw the continuation of Private Party's backyard ladder match against Bonez and The Bear. Bonez and The Bear were victorious after The Bear shot Kassidy and hit a destroyer on Quen. 
  • Hangman Page officially met Matt Hardy for the first time in The Elite's dressing room. Hardy was in his Damascus persona and said that "The Man That Hangs" was serving as a vessel for Benjamin Franklin.