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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Dark Order Kai


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

  • The Bucks, Brandon Cutler, SCU and Rick Knox were stuck in an Atlanta airport on a travel delay. They spotted someone wearing an expensive pair of Nike Dior shoes. 

The Elite --

  • Cutler fell asleep in the airport and the group made fun of him. 

Dark Order --

  • John Silver and Alex Reynolds were looking for Sting to recruit to Dark Order. They found Luther and Serpentico instead. Silver thought Luther and Serpentico were Sting and Darby Allin. Luther thought Sting was in U2 and sang "Roseanne."
  • Dasha, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara confronted Alex Abrahantes, 5, 10 and Anna Jay backstage. They did a kung fu movie parody fight. After a pep talk from Vickie Guerrero, Dasha, Santana, Ortiz and Guevara won the battle. Dark Order vowed that this wasn't over. 
  • Dark Order met in their lair. They were wondering why Hangman chose to align with Matt Hardy instead of them. They decided that it must be because of their small genitals. Anna Jay spoke up and said that they were better off without Hangman. 

BTE Championship --

  • Guevara announced that he will be defending the BTE Championship on his vlog tomorrow in a handstand competition. 

Miscellaneous bits --

  • A dramatic Matt Hardy and Private Party video package was shown, including footage from Quen and Kassidy's loss at Saturday's Impact Wrestling show. Kassidy and Quen left voicemails for Matt, as he is not speaking to them after the loss. 
  • Cutler spotted Allie and Penelope Ford playing Animal Crossing backstage. He played nice, then insulted them as he walked away. They heard the insult. 
  • Vicious Vixens held an audition. An audition for what? I'm not sure. Various AEW talent danced for them.