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VIDEO: Being The Elite - A Dark Order Thanksgiving

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Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

  • Luchasaurus, Trent, Ricky Starks, Aaron Solow and Super Panda participated in a One Chip Challenge to determine the next number one contender for John Silver's BTE Championship. Trent secured a title shot by eating a second chip. Silver will defend the title in a mustard packet throwing challenge next week. 

The Elite --

  • Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson did an extended plug for their new book while in an airport. 
  • Matt and Nick went to a Barnes & Noble to look for a copy of their new book. They found it there in the romance section. 
  • The Bucks approached Kenny Omega backstage while he was having cupping done on his back. 
  • We got footage of The Bucks vs. Top Flight from Dynamite. Later, Matt and Nick were interviewing Top Flight backstage. Matt Hardy entered and did his new heelish gimmick, making everything about himself. "The truth is the truth" is Hardy's new catchphrase. 
  • Hardy continued to pop up in various scenarios and spouting the catchphrase. 
  • Brandon Cutler was looking for "spotted monkeys" in the bathroom. Frankie Kazarian got upset with him for not knowing what spot monkeys are. 

Dark Order --

  • Anna Jay entered Dark Order's locker room and shoved Stu Grayson over a table. 
  • The bullying continued at Dark Order's Thanksgiving celebration as Jay demanded Grayson's french fries. Everyone stated what they are most thankful for. 

Miscellaneous bits --

  • In the cold open, Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander ran towards each other with their fingers extended for a boop while 80s music played in the background. 
  • Leva Bates again effortlessly beat Kip Sabian at a video game. 
  • Michael Nakazawa was seen oiling up the ring ropes in an effort to explain why Trent slipped on the ropes during a recent match with Miro.