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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Elite Game'


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

This year's Halloween episode was a parody of Netflix's Squid Game. It probably made more sense if you have seen Squid Game, but you can easily follow the episode if you have not. 

The Elite opened the show in a hotel room, commiserating after their defeat on AEW Dynamite. Jokes were made about tossed salads and Brandon Cutler's internet search history. 

Cutler received a business card with a phone number on the back. He called the number and was invited to play a game as a way to make up for the massive debt he said he's gone into trying to keep up with The Young Bucks shoe purchases. 

Cutler is picked up in a van to be transported to play the game. Michael Nakazawa and Lulu Pencil were already in the van, passed out. Cutler was given some sort of sleeping gas and passed out as well. 

The next scene opens with Cutler, Nakazawa, Pencil, plus Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen of Private Party waking up. A video from a masked figure (Kenny Omega) told them that the game they were about to play was for as much money as an AEW wrestler who used to be in WWE makes. 

The game commenced. The losing player after each round was "killed." I won't spoil the winner. 

After the game, Omega "killed" The Young Bucks and Adam Cole.