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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Final build to Young Bucks vs. SCU


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

The show opened with a lengthy Matt Jackson promo on this week's match with SCU. 

Matt detailed the long history and friendship between The Young Bucks and SCU. He said that none of that will matter on Wednesday when they step in the ring. 

He concluded the promo by making fun of those who would suggest that promos like this should be included on Dynamite rather than part of a YouTube show. 

The content of this promo was good, but Matt was reading it off a script and the delivery left something to be desired. 

The Elite --

  • Footage was shown from The Elite beating down Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston on Dynamite. 
  • Trick Shots with Nick Jackson continued. 
  • Christopher Daniels cut a promo on The Young Bucks. He said that this Wednesday, he'll either become an AEW Tag Team title holder, or he'll break up with his tag partner of over a decade. He wanted to know which Young Bucks are showing up this week. He said he's used to betting on himself and betting everything on one hand. Daniels said after this Wednesday, all four of them will be changed forever. This was excellent. 

Dark Order --

  • Stu Grayson concluded that he must be losing his mind as he's the only one who is seeing Anna Jay appear. 
  • Evil Uno, Colt Cabana, Alex Reynolds, Ten and Five reviewed the group's to do list. They ranked their priorities as taking care of the Hardy Family Office, finding out if Sting is their friend or foe, figuring out what BTDO stands for, then finding John Silver. As they were having this discussion, Silver walked by in the background. 
  • Silver was looking for Dark Order backstage. He ran into Best Friends, who then bullied him. 
  • Silver eventually found Dark Order and they were reunited. 

Miscellaneous bits --

  • Peter Avalon was on a date. Leva Bates walked by. Avalon turned to look at Bates. When he turned back around, his date was gone.