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VIDEO: Being The Elite - FTR tease

being the elite 201

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  • The show opened with Matt and Nick Jackson doing some comedy. Matt said he went to the hospital after BTE 200 and his lower back is going to be injured for another two years. Nick said he went to the hospital and his health is at fifteen percent. 
  • Matt and Nick said that they could have gone out after BTE 200 but they're bored in the midst of this global pandemic. Their conversation was interrupted by a message being written in the sky. 
  • Luchasaurus called Dr. P.J. Black to help him get his tail back. 
  • Brandon Cutler started the #Kick Out Challenge. Steven Andrews and Simon Lotto used a variety of covers and cradles and Cutler kicked out of them. Cutler said when he returns to AEW he won't lose another match. He was pinned at the end of the segment. 
  • Colt Cabana did a parody of the Young Bucks book commercial. 
  • The Bucks did a parody of the Don't Rush Challenge. 
  • Dr. Black made a series of potions to send Luchasaurus to another realm to find his tail. There he encountered a snake, Super Panda and dinosaur puppets portraying NXT coaches. After returning from the realm, Luchasaurus ran off to a Panda Express to find his tail. 
  • Private Party were hanging out in a backyard. They were six feet apart and were texting each other. Isiah Kassidy asked Quen if he remembered the masked man that interrupted their backyard match on their last BTE appearance. Quen said he did and texted Kassidy an emoji wearing a surgical mask. 
  • Kassidy got up to leave and a surgical mask dropped out of his pocket. Quen confronted Kassidy and accused him of attacking him in the backyard match. Kassidy left. Quen then realized that the masked man was Rey Fenix. 
  • The final scene cut back to Matt and Nick. The message written in the sky was revealed to be -- FTR.