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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Hangman Page stays home

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The show opened with the continuation of Brandon Cutler's Kick Out Challenge. Cutler enlisted The Young Bucks to help as he said they kick out of more false finishes than anyone. Broken Matt Hardy appeared to define false finishes for us. The Bucks proceeded to hit Cutler with a variety of moves. Cutler was unable to kick out of any of them. 

Matt, Nick and Malachi Jackson played the basketball shooting game "H-O-R-S-E" with the letters "B-T-E." Matt bragged about his basketball prowess. Nick and Malachi hit a variety of trick shots and Matt missed all of his shots. 

Tony Schiavone and Cody appeared at AEW Headquarters East, debuting a new segment called "Quarantine Confessions." Tony confessed that he has become addicted to Playstation 4. Cody sipped coffee from a cup labeled "FTR."

Luchasaurus went to a Panda Express to look for Super Panda as he continued looking for his tail. Super Panda told him to kick rocks and that he would not help him. Luchasaurus promised to get Panda some bookings. Panda agreed to help him. A bouncing Colt Cabana head made a cameo. 

Benigno Bodega and Taz appeared via Zoom. Taz said he has mellowed with age but he has problems with Excalibur and asked Bodega for help. Taz buried Schiavone. Taz said Schiavone and Excalibur owe him money. Excalibur called Taz and Taz cursed him out. 

Nick and Malachi continued playing B-T-E. Nick missed an easy layup and lost the game. There was another Cabana cameo. 

Private Party reconciled after their fight last week. They received a secret message from The Lucha Bros. Quen went off "to do lab stuff" on the message but was attacked by a giant teddy bear. Kassidy drank vodka and had a dream that he was attacked by the mystery man that appeared several weeks ago, then dreamed that he was wrestling the teddy bear. He ran off to warn Quen about the bear. 

Hangman Page appeared from his house. He asked viewers to "kindly shut the f--- up" as in his house, he has a sourdough starter. Page walked us through making sourdough bread. He was not wearing pants. Page took a clearly store-bought loaf of bread out of the oven. 

Page chastised his wife for not disinfecting the flour. Page said he was not being safe enough and had to make a change.