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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Life At Home'

being the elite 197

Episode 197 of Being The Elite caught up with the cast as they adjusted to life in quarantine. 

Some highlights include:

  • Matt Jackson ate some coffee beans and told his son that the coffee shop was open for business. 
  • Nick Jackson gave a status report. He has been playing an arcade game recommended by Adam Cole "before he died."
  • Nick and his wife welcomed the birth of a son. Nick said the baby's name is Michael, so if he becomes a wrestler, he'll be named Michael Jackson. [Editor's note: also if he does not become a wrestler]
  • Matt and Nick worked out with Brandon Cutler in Nick's home gym. Matt coughed but assured the guys he does not have coronavirus. 
  • Kenny Omega gave an update from the set of Dynamite. He assured us that Colt Cabana was not in the room. Cabana's face appeared on the television screen behind Omega.
  • Christopher Daniels had a 50th birthday party. His guest joined him via video conference. His gifts included a mask, toilet paper, bottled water and hand sanitizer. 
  • Peter Avalon called Cutler from a landline while listening to a record player to taunt him about losing to Cabana. 
  • Luchasaurus said he needs to find his tail. 
  • Matt answered fan questions. 
  • Hangman Page played Animal Crossing, watched Tiger King and worked out in full gear, all while ignoring calls from Nick, Kenny, Cody and Matt.