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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Part 1'

being the elite 199 part one

Being The Elite episode 199 will be a special three-parter. 199 will build to episode 200, where a special Young Bucks match is being teased. 

The first part of 199 was released today. Here are some highlights:

Matt Hardy opened the show by giving the rules of a squash match:

  • 3 minute time limit
  • Job guys can only perform one offensive move (one combination move if it's a tag match)
  • Job guys must not be in better shape or more tan than top talent
  • A finish occurs only when the over act performs a finishing maneuver once used by Legion of Doom, Acolytes or Steiner Brother

Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels defeated Simon Lotto & Steven Andrews in a Squash Match

Scorpio Sky was the referee for the match. 

Lotto and Andrews did not adhere to the rules of the squash match as they got a brief flurry of offense. 

Daniels and Kazarian won with a Doomsday Device. 


  • Matt Jackson said the ring they are using is the same one that PWG used in Reseda. Matt and Nick played in the ring with their kids. 
  • Luchasaurus called Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy's phone is a banana. Luchasaurus is still looking for his tail. Jungle Boy suggested that he contact some guys who are like fathers to them in his search. 
  • Kenny Omega took us through his post-match gym ritual. He was bench pressing 20 lbs. and acting as though it was too heavy for him. He could not lift the bar off his chest until Colt Cabana appeared to aid him. Omega chased Cabana out of the gym. 
  • Luchasaurus called Tommy Dreamer and asked him to help him find his tail. Dreamer blew him off. 
  • A Hangman Page/Private Party storyline was teased. 
  • Peter Avalon called Brandon Cutler and taunted him. They argued over which of them lost the match on last week's BTE. Cutler brought Sky on to the call. Avalon challenged both Cutler and Sky to a triple threat match. 

Scorpio Sky defeated Peter Avalon & Brandon Cutler

They kept this short and it was all action. 

Sky sent Avalon outside, then hit an enziguri to Cutler. Cutler made a brief comeback until Avalon tossed him outside. 

Avalon and Cutler teamed up on Sky until Avalon turned on Cutler and clotheslined him outside. Avalon hit Sky with a tiger driver for a near fall. 

Sky and Cutler traded near falls. Cutler hit Avalon with a springboard clothesline, then used the TPK for a two count. Sky broke up the pin. 

Sky hit a TKO to Avalon. Avalon landed on Cutler. Sky covered both for the pin. 


  • Luchasaurus called Joey Ryan to ask for help finding his tail. Ryan said Luchasaurus might be 65 million years old but he has to grow up. 
  • Nick was working out. Matt said he looks back to his old self. Nick said they always dreamed of headlining BTE 200, the showcase of the immortals, as kids.  Nick again teased the idea of a dangerous match that he wants to be in to test himself. Matt sold that the match was too dangerous. 
  • Matt said we will have to tune in to the next part of the episode to see if Nick gets his match.