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VIDEO: Being The Elite - Revolution highlights


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

  • Birdhouse sent Matt Jackson some skateboard decks and skate socks. 

The Elite --

  • Brandon Cutler still had an erection a week after being dosed with a male enhancement pill by Luke Gallows. Cutler went to Gallows and Karl Anderson for help with his problem. They agreed to help. 
  • Footage was shown from last week's Dynamite, including backstage video of Shaq and Paul Wight. 
  • Matt was shown explaining to one of his kids with action figures how he and Nick were going to jump off the stage on last week's show. 

Dark Order --

  • Dark Order were commiserating after losing last night. Hangman Page joined them. The group were bragging about all the gifts they bought for Page after his win over Matt Hardy, but it turned out that they bought them with Page's credit card. 
  • The group was upset that Anna Jay is out injured. They said that no woman could ever replace her. Just then, Maki Itoh walked in and the group started celebrating. 

Miscellaneous bits --

  • Vicious Vixens came up with a scheme to steal money from people. 
  • Matt and Nick signed some posters before Revolution last night. 
  • A highlights video from Revolution was shown. 
  • Private Party went to Matt Hardy's hotel room after his loss to Page. They tried to give him a pep talk. Hardy was in a trance-like state eating grapes