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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Riding Solo'


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

Matt and Nick Jackson approached a figure in a sequined robe. The man was bragging about being Space Mountain, going sixty minutes, wooing, the whole Nature Boy bit. Matt and Nick said they were glad the rumors were true and Wrestling Inc. was right. 

The man turned around and it was Sour Boy, not Ric Flair.

The Elite --

  • Matt, Nick and Kenny Omega opened a Space Jam gift box from Warner Bros. 
  • The Elite and Juventud Guerrera played basketball backstage at Dynamite. 
  • Omega was interrupted as he was about to shave his facial hair. The JR impersonator told him that Hangman Page was in the ring live. 
  • Footage was shown from Cutler Cam of The Elite confronting Hangman on last week's Dynamite. They played just about the entire segment. 
  • The Elite recorded an episode of Talk'N Shop. They broke down their backstage promo from last week's Dynamite and talked about putting it together. 
  • Another Sour Boy cameo closed the show.

Dark Order --

  • Dark Order were arguing in their lair over whether or not they failed Hangman. They found the DVD that Page left for them during Dynamite and decided to watch it. 
  • The DVD played. Hangman said that they were expecting their movie, but for a ton of different reasons he couldn't finish editing the movie. Instead, Hangman made a recruiting commercial for Dark Order. He said he may have to ride solo now, but he made this for them. The commercial was a video of the best times that Hangman had with Dark Order. The group was emotional after seeing the video. This was the best thing on the episode. 

Miscellaneous bits --

  • Peter Avalon saved Leva Bates from tripping over Cezar Bononi. Avalon and Bates stared longingly into each other's eyes, then at Bononi's urging, Avalon acted like he wasn't interested in Bates. As Avalon and Bononi left, Bates had tears in her eyes. 
  • The next installment in the Hollywood Hunk saga saw a man turn into Cream Eyes during the filming of a commercial. This is bizarre stuff. 
  • Avalon confronted Cutler and berated him for becoming a cheater. When they were a team, Cutler refused to cheat. Now, he said, he loves cheating and referees never catch you cheating. 
  • Orange Cassidy, Kris Statlander, Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta continued to review Yuta's matches. Statlander and Taylor gave Yuta a hard time for never winning. 
  • The former Ever-Rise argued in their hotel room over whether they encountered the real Sting or Jeff Farmer on Dynamite.