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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Righteous Rochester'


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

  • The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega went shoe shopping. They joked about fans complaining about the shopping segments and skipping over them. 
  • The Elite --
  • The sneaker shopping continued after the opening credits. 
  • The group had the back window broken out of their rental car in Rochester. 
  • The Elite's segment from last week was shown from Cutler Cam. 
  • The Bucks and The Good Brothers compared temporary tattoos. Karl Anderson said Sour Boy was gone forever. Sour Boy then returned. 
  • Nick Jackson vs. Bryan Danielson footage from Rampage was shown. 

Dark Order --

  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver agreed that they needed to recruit a new friend after losing Hangman. They found Adam Cole backstage and told him that he could join their friend group if he shaved his head. 
  • The group put aside their differences and said they were glad to be back on the same page. Anna Jay appeared and shoved Stu Grayson, so things are back to normal. 

BTE Championship --

  • 2point0 went down a list of potential challengers for the BTE Championship. They said they need to institute a ranking system to determine the next challenger. An empty tournament bracket was shown at the end of the segment. 

Miscellaneous bits --

  • Ryan Nemeth's film Heel was entered into the HollyShorts Film Festival. Clips from the film aired, including a cameo by Dolph Ziggler. 
  • Nemeth was interviewed and flashed back to whatever happened to Michelle that night.