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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'So Long, Kenny'


Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

  • This week's cold open was a commercial for Killing The Business coming out in paperback tomorrow. 

The Elite --

  • Matt Jackson stated that he and Nick were not medically cleared as of the filming of this last Wednesday. He said Nick had a foot issue and his neck was "giving him grief."
  • They showed The Bucks doing a run-in on Rampage during Adam Cole's match. 
  • The Elite gathered in Kenny Omega's hotel room. He informed them that he wouldn't be around for a while. Cole offered Omega a Monster energy drink, the same way that Cole was written out of the show when he went to NXT. Omega took a sip, teased "dying," but was okay. Nick joked that he thought Kenny had signed with WWE or that he was going to die like Cole did. 

Dark Order --

  • John Silver and Alex Reynolds again crashed Adam Cole's hotel room. The three argued over Cole being called Budge, they argued over Silver and Reynolds being in Cole's bed. Cole woke up from a dream where he imagined Silver and Reynolds kissing him. 

2point0 --

  • Matt and Jeff cut a promo on Eddie Kingston on Chew of the Week. 
  • Matt and Jeff were informed that if they didn't defend the BTE title in the next 30 days, they would be stripped of the belt. 

Best Friends --

  • Rocky Romero choked out Wheeler Yuta this week for impersonating Trent last week on the show. 

Hollywood Hunk --

  • Ryan Nemeth tried to invent a new genre of music called "the blues," to get over his heartbreak. His assistant Milk agreed to join his band. Nemeth played the trumpet while standing in his swimming pool, then made Milk put on his "special big boy hat."