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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Sour Patch Kids'

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In this week's BTE cold open, Brandon Cutler took a call from Hangman Page. Page was checking on a video that he had asked Cutler to make featuring photos of Page with Matt and Nick. 

While Cutler was on the phone, Tony Schiavone knocked on the door to interview Matt on Dynamite. This was the promo that aired on Dynamite where Matt destroyed Tony's phone. 

After Schiavone left, Matt destroyed Cutler's computer, ruining the video that Cutler was putting together. 

The open ran nearly six minutes, as Matt dropped elbows on the computer and hit it with superkicks.

Matt kept speaking to someone off-camera who we were supposed to believe was Nick, but it was pretty clear that Nick wasn't there.  

Other highlights from the episode included:

  • Matt and Nick went to another store in search of their action figures. 
  • Evil Uno told Five to cut his hair because he keeps finding it in his underwear. 
  • Stu Grayson was still looking to kill John Silver but Uno still didn't want him to. Grayson tricked Uno into telling him to kill Silver. Grayson left but Anna Jay dragged him back to the Dark Order lair by his ear. 
  • This week's Speaking Spanglish was a telenovela. Ortiz confronted Dasha Gonzalez. Dasha said that their love was true. Jake Hager and Kip Sabian told Ortiz that Dasha is not who she says she is. Ortiz prayed to Thunder Rosa for help with Dasha. Rosa revealed Dasha to be Marko Stunt. 
  • Cutler met with Matt Hardy. Hardy was concerned about Matt and Nick. Hardy offered to help Matt and Nick if he could. 
  • Cutler asked Hardy how he was feeling. Hardy said his fall at All Out changed him and he feels more complete than ever. 
  • Christopher Daniels cut a great promo. Daniels said that this has been the worst year we have ever lived through. He said his bad year started in October 2019. Daniels said he got attacked and injured and had to watch SCU win the Tag titles without him. Daniels said he hasn't felt elite in a long time and has thought about retiring. Daniels fought back tears as he said that he wants to write his own ending to his story. He said he has a path to walk but he doesn't know where it leads. He said this is not his best day, but it's not his last day. Not yet. 
  • Dark Order were in their lair. They were singing Cody's entrance song. Mr. Brodie Lee entered and asked where Alex Reynolds was. Silver said that he was at his father's bris. Lee opened his coat and flashed the group. Silver made a video call to Reynolds. Reynolds said he was at fencing camp. Lee flashed Reynolds. Jay again attacked Grayson. 
  • We saw Cutler Cam footage from Dynamite. 
  • Swole gave a Public Swole Announcement. She chastised slow drivers for driving in the fast lane. 
  • Eddie Kingston cut a promo on Sour Patch Kids. 
  • Best Friends and Orange Cassidy planned to kill Cutler by putting him in a microwave. Silver entered and tried to recruit all of them. They agreed to join Dark Order if Silver killed Cutler. 
  • Silver attacked Cutler. Trent and Chuck were upset that Silver simply attacked Cutler and didn't make it cute enough or give him sexual favors before he attacked. They helped Cutler to his feet and told him they would kill him in a cool way later.