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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Stadium Stampede'

bte 205

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  • The show opened with The Young Bucks trying on som new gear that Matt Jackson designed. This was a spoof on the rejected costume designs that WWE presented to The Revival. 
  • SCU were shown hanging out. Frankie Kazarian thanked Chris Daniels for his tweet of support. Scorpio Sky did the same. Kazarian and Sky realized that Daniels was playing both sides of the fence and had sent out the same tweets. Both asked Daniels to declare which of them he was supporting in the Casino Ladder Match. Daniels created a distraction and ran away. 
  • Kenny Omega made a video call to Colt Cabana. Omega was mad that Cabana sent their Zoom call to Nick for last week's episode. Omega and Cabana comedy ensued. 
  • Sky and Kazarian found Daniels and again asked him to declare which of them he was supporting in the ladder match. Daniels again avoided a response. 


  • Matt Hardy held a memorial service for Vanguard One. The Bucks gave a eulogy. Kazarian and Cody interrupted and said that this was stupid. Cody said he's an atheist. Peter Avalon read Shakespeare. Daniels gave a eulogy. 
  • Hardy then spoke. Video messages from Maxel and Senor Benjamin played. A drunk Hangman Page interrupted and gave a toast. Hardy received a premonition that Vanguard's essence was being placed in a new vessel, NEO. 


  • Brandon Cutler commemorated the anniversary of being offered his AEW contract. He put the Bucks over for their generosity. Cutler said he didn't want to be a charity case, he wanted to prove he's a great wrestler. But now he's on a losing streak and he's letting Matt and Nick down. 


  • Private Party arrived for their backyard match against Bonez and The Bear. The Bear was nowhere to be found. Bonez placed twelve dollars on top of the garage. Kassidy set up a ladder, so this was a backyard ladder match. 
  • Private Party did away with Bonez. They got in an Uber to leave. The Uber driver was The Bear. 

To be continued...


  • Sky and Kazarian were drinking The Rock's tequila backstage after Double or Nothing. Daniels said he never chose sides and they were all back on the same page. 
  • Jurassic Express were backstage. Marko Stunt apologized for not being able to find Luchasarus's tail. Luchasaurus said the tail was a metaphor, he had never lost his tail. Their team is back together. 
  • Justin Roberts was shown in his home studio recording the ring announcements for the Stadium Stampede. 


  • Behind the scenes footage from the filming of the Stadium Stampede was shown. 
  • Hangman Page was shown arriving at the hotel the night before Double or Nothing. He wanted to discuss a strategy for beating The Inner Circle. The three huddled. 
  • They were interrupted by Marty Scurll. Page and The Bucks blew Scurll off without realizing it was him. Scurll left and Hangman and The Bucks continued to huddle.