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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Stolen Kiss'


Video --

The cold open --

  • Adam Cole was on the phone. John Silver and Alex Reynolds entered and tried to kiss him. Cole freaked out. Silver and Reynolds pitched him on being their manager. Cole did a Howard Finkel impression, then turned them down.

The Elite --

  • A Young Bucks travel vlog and shopping spree aired. 
  • The Elite's backstage attack on Jurassic Express aired. 
  • The Elite's match from Saturday Dynamite was shown from Cutler Cam. 

Miscellaneous bits --

  • Ryan Nemeth discussed how his girlfriend broke up with him because he uses fake tanner to supplement his real tan. He wrote a song about the breakup and played it, then had second thoughts and asked Cutler not to air it. Cutler aired it anyway. 

BTE Championship --

No update was given on the status of the Championship tournament. First round matchups were announced last week, but this was a short episode and no BTE Championship content aired. 

First round matchups are:

  • Sammy Guevara vs. Colt Cabana
  • Fuego Del Sol vs. Dante Martin
  • John Silver vs. Evil Uno
  • Chuck Taylor vs. The Joker