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VIDEO: Being the Elite - '2X'

The Bucks celebrate winning the AEW World Tag Team Championships for a second time.

Video --

Opening --

  • John Silver, Trent Beretta, and Matt Menard took part in a #1 contenders game for a shot at the BTE Championship. 
  • The game was to throw a hat and have it land on top of someone's travel bag. All three competitors had serious trouble getting the hat to land on the bag. 
  • After Menard bowed out of the competition, Silver and Trent were scheduled for a mustard throwing game next week. 

The Young Bucks --

  • Matt Jackson hits the gym before Dynamite on Wednesday. He noted that he was nervous about the ladder match that night vs. the Jurassic Express. 
  • Clips of the Bucks getting ready for the match were shown.

Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas --

  • Rosas told Avalon that he's got a plan for him to get a date. Avalon then told him he got married to Leva Bates recently in Las Vegas. Rosas then declared himself the best "wingman" ever. 

Chuck Taylor gets trained by the Dark Order -- 

  • With Wheeler Yuta gone from the Best Friends, and Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero teaming up now, Taylor has enlisted the help of the Dark Order. They are training him on how to be a "spooky pervert." 
  • Silver and Reynolds instructed Taylor to touch Ten's "titty." Taylor had trouble getting into it, however. His training continues. 

Young Bucks win the AEW World Tag Team Championships --

  • Highlights of the Young Bucks backstage before and after their title match on Dynamite were shown. 
  • Nick Jackson says he broke his nose in the match. Matt looked to be in some pain as well. 
  • Highlights of their photoshoot with the belts were then shown. 
  • Matt is then shown later that night. He talked about the Bucks becoming the first ever two-time AEW World Tag Team Champions. 

The Dark Order --

  • The Dark Order were shown in the back talking about the United Empire. 
  • Evil Uno is not sure where the "Forbidden Door" is located. He wants to find the door and lock it. They discussed who might know the location of the door. 
  • Hangman Page then walked into the scene, which excited everyone. Page apologized to the Dark Order for abandoning them but thanked them for helping him get to the world championship. 
  • The Dark Order told Page that they would always be friends. 
  • Reynolds told Page that they just want him to be happy. 
  • Evil Uno told Page that he didn't look happy when he was AEW World Champion. 
  • Page then gave the Dark Order a phallic looking map to the Forbidden Door. So perhaps, we will see the Dark Order walk through that door at some point.