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VIDEO: Being the Elite - '316'

The 316th edition of Being the Elite was released on Monday.

Video --

Opening --

  • It's a special edition of Being the Elite this week. The 316th edition of the show opened with several members of the AEW roster saying "What?" into the camera. 

Matt Hardy approaches Private Party --

  • Hardy once again attempted to make amends with Private Party on this week's show. They don't seem to be taking to his apologies, however, and instead locked him in a room with The Butcher and the Blade. When they opened the door to the room again, Hardy was battered and bleeding. 

Leva Bates and Peter Avalon go on a Disney honeymoon --

  • Bates and Avalon attempted to go on their honeymoon at Disney but a miscommunication prevented them from meeting up with each other. Avalon was late and the two played phone tag for a while. They eventually figured out that one of them was at Disneyland and the other was at Disney World. 

Highlights from AEW Dynamite --

  • Some of Brandon Cutler's footage from last week's Dynamite was shown. 

Ryan Nemeth talks to animals about wrestling --

  • Nemeth continued to ask wrestling-related questions to animals on this week's show. He didn't get much of a response from them. 

The Dark Order --

  • The Dark Order was shown sitting around. It was revealed that Anna Jay has not been returning their calls. They then had a birthday celebration for Evil Uno and Anna even though she wasn't there. Silver was upset because Anna had lowered a shark cage and evidently "not lowering shark cages" is the first rule of being in the Dark Order.