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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'A Dark Order Musical'

The Dark Order broke out into a song and dance routine this week.

Video --

Opening --

  • The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler are shown in an airport lounge on their way to Dynamite last week. Hangman Page is sitting across the room but they decide not to invite him over. 

The Young Bucks --

  • The Young Bucks are shown talking to Adam Cole backstage at Dynamite before their segment. 
  • Cole apologized for not being in contact recently but told the Bucks they would talk "out there." 
  • Highlights of Cole and reDRagon turning on the Bucks from Dynamite are then shown. 

Matt Hardy and Private Party --

  • Private Party confronted Matt Hardy in the back and poked fun at him for losing to Christian Cage on Dynamite. 
  • Hardy continued to say that he is being forced to pay his penance for having been a "piece of s**t."
  • Private Party said that Hardy was still their childhood hero and they respect him for trying to make amends. 
  • Hardy told them to stay away from him because he is "broken" and "toxic." Private Party still seemed like they wanted to be aligned with him, however. 

Peter Avlon and Leva Bates on their honeymoon --

  • The couple was on their honeymoon in Grand Rapids, Michigan since their Disney vacation didn't work out last week. 
  • Everything at their hotel seemed to be out of service, however. 
  • Things are not starting out well early in this happy couple's marriage.

Ryan Nemeth attends the New York City premiere of They/Them --

  • Nemeth and his partner, Anna Lore, attended the premiere of her film They/Them. Lore plays the role of Kim in the film.
  • Nemeth went around asking people questions about wrestling. He asked a Peacock Communications manager if he felt that Bray Wyatt was going to join the Dark Order. 

The Dark Order Musical --

  • The Dark Order noted that they hadn't seen anything that happened on Dynamite because they were watching Pauly Shore's Biodome film instead.  
  • Alex Reynolds needed clarification on how he, Uno, Ten, and Silver can win the Trios titles when there are four of them. 
  • Hangman explained that the titles are for groups and the four of them could field a team. 
  • This then led to the Dark Order breaking into a song and dance routine about how a team of four makes the perfect trio. 
  • As the song finishes up, Hangman wonders aloud if he'll form a trio with the Young Bucks or be in the Dark Order's corner at ringside. 
  • Hangman is then shown knocking on the Bucks' locker room in a post-credit scene.