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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'A Message For The Young Bucks'

The Hardys send a special message to the Young Bucks.

Video --

Opening --

  • Bobby Fish was seen being very upset with ride sharing programs when he was joined by the Young Bucks, Kyle O'Reilly and Brandon Cutler, who were all acting very zen like. 
  • They told Fish to adopt the "live, love, superkick" philosophy. 
  • After being super kicked, Fish "saw the light" as well. 

Chuck Taylor needs some friends --

  • Chuck Taylor was shown watching a video of Roppongi Vice challenge FTR for an ROH Tag Team Championship match. He was cutting out an image of Trent from a Best Friends t-shirt as he did so. So, something is going on there. 
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver approached him, asking him if he needs some friends. Taylor asked if they were still spooky perverts and then asked if they could teach him. 

Danhausen interrupts slow motion sequence --

  • Danhausen photo bombed the Young Bucks as they were doing a slow motion sequence. Matt was very upset but Nick asked him to remember, "live, love, superkick." 

Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas --

  • Rosas was helping to build up Avalon's confidence as they played pool. They shared some gum but not much else happened here. 

The Hardys and the Young Bucks --

  • Highlights were shown from the closing moments of Dynamite last week. 

The Dark Order --

  • The Dark Order seemed confused that they were supposed to do a segment for the show. They tried their best to improvise some comedy when Maki Itoh showed up and joined in. 

Adam Cole press conference --

  • Adam Cole gave a press conference but was confronted by Christopher Daniels, who asked him if he was ready to defend the title against him. 
  • They agreed to face each other in a best two of three falls game at Fan Fest. 

Brandon Cutler goes to Comic Con Revolution --

  • Clips of Cutler at Comic Con Revolution were shown. 

The Hardys go looking for the Young Bucks --

  • The Hardys bust in on Brandon and demand to know where the Young Bucks are. 
  • The Hardys then said they had a message for the Bucks. They then kicked Brandon in the groin and looked into the camera and told the Bucks they are dead. 
  • Later, Cutler delivered this message to the Bucks by kicking them both in the groin.