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VIDEO - Being the Elite: ‘All Out 2022’

This week's show featured footage from AEW's time in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Video --

Being the Elite this week featured footage from The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega backstage at AEW All Out. The video does not address the backstage altercation with CM Punk and Ace Steel, however. 

Opening --

  • The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler discussed their 10-day travel loop to start the episode. 

Private Party --

  • Private Party were shown in the back. They said they needed to go to someone for advice, possibly alluding to Matt Hardy, when they were interrupted by Jose the Assistant. 
  • Private Party left with Jose as Hardy was shown watching from afar in the background. 

Kenny Omega doesn't need the shoulder brace anymore --

  • The Bucks told Omega before their match on Dynamite that he no longer needs the shoulder brace he had been wearing. 
  • Highlights of The Elite vs. The United Empire were then shown. 

The Young Bucks on Thursday --

  • In footage from Thursday morning, Matt Jackson discussed various injuries he and his brother Nick have as they played slot games in a casino. 
  • This is followed by footage of them signing autographs and going shopping. 
  • The Bucks were also shown being scanned for an action figure. 

The Young Bucks on Friday --

  • Footage from the following day was shown. 
  • The Bucks looked at the new shoes that they would wear at All Out. 
  • Footage of The Bucks and Omega watching The Best Friends vs. Hangman Page and Dark Order was shown.

Peter Avalon --

  • Peter Avalon was shown hurt in the back after a match. Leva Bates ran in to assist him but she was then told that Tony Khan needed her. She dropped Avalon and ran off-screen. 
  • JD Drake then entered the scene and helped Avalon back up. 

John Silver vacates BTE Championship at AEW Fan Fest --

  • Footage from the AEW Fan Fest was shown. 
  • John Silver got up on stage and said he had "lost his smile" and would have to vacate the BTE Championship. He said the only way he could regain his smile is if he went to the White Sox game and threw out the first pitch. He then left to go do that. 
  • Kip Sabian and Christopher Daniels then played a game of Blackjack for the "interim" BTE Championship. 
  • Sabian would win the contest. Leva Bates then issued a challenge for a title match right then and there. 
  • Bates and Kabian then played a game where they had to wear glasses that make everything look upside down and then pour water from one bottle to another. 
  • Sabian somehow managed to do this perfectly and successfully defended his title. 

Highlights from AEW All Out --

  • Highlights of the finals of the Trios Championship tournament from AEW All Out were shown. 

The Dark Order and Young Bucks backstage at AEW All Out --

  • Alex Reynolds is shown on crutches in the locker room. Evil Uno feels kissing his foot might make the injury better. As he goes to do so, however, The Young Bucks enter the scene. 
  • The Bucks praised The Dark Order's performance and brought them several boxes of shoes as a gift. Michael Nakazawa comically dropped them all on Reynolds' injured foot. 
  • Neither the Bucks nor Dark Order knew where Hangman Page went. Silver complained about how sore his neck is after Hangman accidentally hit him with the Buckshot Lariat on Sunday. 
  • In a post-credit scene, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Don Callis are shown eating pizza in the back. 
  • Nick Jackson is shown biting the paper plate to close the show. .