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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'Being Brandon Cutler'

Adam Cole challenged Christopher Daniels in a game of rock, paper, scissors for the BTE Championship.

Video --

This week's episode of Being the Elite focussed on Brandon Cutler as Matt & Nick Jackson were feeling too down about their loss against FTR to appear on camera. 

Open --

  • The show opened with an intro package featuring shots of just Brandon Cutler. Brandon was also upset that Matt was holding the camera vertically.

Brandon Cutler goes sneaker shopping

  • Much like the Young Bucks often do on BTE, Cutler went shoe shopping this week. His choices were not as extravagant as the Bucks normally get, however, and they mocked him from off camera.  

Brandon Cutler tries to give Scorpio Sky candy

  • Much like Matt Jackson often does on BTE, Cutler then tried to offer Scorpio Sky some candy. Instead of a candy bar, however, Cutler offered him a package of nerds. Sky acted like he had no idea what Cutler was talking about. 
  • The scene then flipped to Cutler playing basketball and missing all of his shots. He finally hit his last shot and then Nick Jackson came into the scene and super-kicked him. 

Adam Cole regains the BTE Championship

  • After winning it last week, Christopher Daniels promised to defend his title against all comers. Cole then entered the scene and said he never got his rematch for the ROH World Championship but he wants another shot at the BTE title. He challenged Daniels to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. 
  • Much like the game of blackjack last week, the winner would be the first one to win five rounds. 
  • In the second round, Daniels seemed to feel that rock beat paper. He was eventually corrected. 
  • Cole was the first to win five rounds and regained the BTE Championship.
  • Daniels did the honorable thing and wrapped the title around Cole's waist. 
  • In a final scene, Daniels and Cole apologized to all the world's blackjack dealers for not knowing the rules last week.