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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'BTE300'

A special edition of the YouTube series was posted on Monday.

Video --

The Cold Open --

  • The Men of the Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) were being interviewed by Tony Schiavone when Matt Jackson entered the scene and held up a candy bar. This was a callback to a previous reoccurring joke from BTE. When Scorpio turned around, his old SCU teammate Christopher Daniels was there. Kazarian entered moments later and Scorpio delivered the team's old catchphrase about this being the worst town he's ever been in, though the scene cut away before he could finish the line. 

The Elite --

  • The Young Bucks said they had nothing special planned for their 300th episode. 
  • Jay Lethal then entered the scene and him and Nick Jackson compared Macho Man impersonations. 

The Hardy Boyz --

  • The Young Bucks asked the Hardys in the locker room if they have considered their Hall of Fame offer. The Hardys asked them if they were politicking backstage to get a "Cody deal." 
  • Matt Hardy put over the Young Bucks but said the Hardys are the greatest tag team of all time. He said to cement their legacy, they have to beat the Young Bucks. 
  • The Young Bucks put over the Hardys to their faces but then buried them when they left the room. 

Ryan Nemeth --

  • The Hollywood Hunk cut a short promo saying he's "The Leading Man" as clips of him partying in a club were shown. 

The Best Friends --

  • The Best Friends, Danhausen, Brandon Cutler Brian PIllman Jr. and others sucked on lollipops and strutted while music played over top. 

"Smart" Mark Sterling --

  • A commercial for Mark Sterling aired. He said he's never lost a case just like Jade Cargill has never lost a match. 

Peter Avalon and Howdy Price --

  • Avalon helped Howdy Price find a new hat after -1 stole his old one. This then led to a weird animated scene that was taking place inside Howdy's head. 

Alex Jebailey and Kenny Omega --

  • Alex Jebailey was shown watching clips of his match from the first Fyter Fest with Michael Nakazawa. The camera panned back to reveal he was sitting with Kenny Omega. 
  • Omega evidently has not been keeping up with AEW lately. Jebailey said it's the best it has ever been. 
  • Omega tried to call the Young Bucks but got no answer. He then tried to call Cody but the number was disconnected. 

 Karl Anderson/Sour Boy --

  • Anderson turned into his Sour Boy character. His kids seemed very upset with this. 

50 seconds for 50+ --

  • Matt Jackson made a smoothie in a segment targeted at the over 50 demographic. 

BTE Championship --

  • The Young Bucks and Adam Cole fought in the back over the BTE Championship. A montage of them wrestling in the locker room was shown. 
  • They eventually decided their friendship was too strong and they shouldn't fight. After the Bucks left the room, Adam Cole made referee Rick Knox count them out.