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VIDEO - Being the Elite: 'Carry On'

The Young Bucks' YouTube show returned on Monday.

Video --

Opening --

  • The first episode of BTE in months started with a musical montage featuring footage of the Bucks arriving and greeting talent backstage. 
  • We then cut to the Bucks changing into their gear in the backseat of a van with Matt noting it's the first time they've worn gear in two months. 

The Young Bucks go shoe shopping --

  • Matt & Nick Jackson go shoe shopping. Matt's wife received an alert about the credit card spending and told her husband they did not have room for any more shoes at home. Matt was unphased by this, however. 
  • Nick Jackson then went to get his ears pierced. 

Backstage at Full Gear 2022 --

  • The Bucks and Kenny Omega are shown practicing their entrance for the pay-per-view.

The Dark Order has been filming scenes for BTE this whole time --

  • Alex Reynolds and Evil Uno were shown backstage. They were discussing scenes they filmed for BTE over the last few weeks, which included a kayaking trip with Mike Tyson.
  • Brandon Cutler then informed them that the show has been on hiatus. They found this disappointing.
  • John Silver then arrived and told them about his recent run-in with Rush. Silver brought up how Preston "Ten" Vance walked away from him during the segment. 
  • They tried calling Ten but only got his voicemail. 

Leva Bates and Peter Avalon don't have any ideas for bits --

  • Bates and Avalon discussed not having any ideas for the show. Trent Beretta said they could discuss his mom's book.
  • Ryan Nemeth then joined in as they all expressed how they had no idea what to do for BTE this week. 

Dark Order keeps trying to call Ten --

  • Silver is shown leaving a voicemail for Ten about the backstage segment they had with Rush recently. 
  • Silver said if Ten doesn't come back he's going to spank him.
  • Reynolds then left a message for Ten as well. 
  • Uno then seemed to be upset that he matched with Ten on Tinder and Ten did not match with him back. 
  • Silver then said he was having a pizza party and Ten was not invited. 
  • The Dark Order continued leaving voicemails for Ten. 

Ryan Nemeth reads Sue's book --

  • Nemeth is shown reading from Trent's mom's book as The Dark Order can be heard recording voicemails for Ten in the background. 

Full Gear 2022 footage --

  • Footage of the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega from Full Gear 2022 is shown. 
  • Footage and audio of the crowd chanting "F--k CM Punk" is featured in this section of the episode. 

Backstage at Full Gear --

  • Omega and the Bucks are shown backstage following their match against Death Triangle. They were upset about having lost.

The Young Bucks back in California --

  • The Young Bucks closed the video by talking about their return. 
  • Both expressed that they were anxious about returning to the ring. Matt noted he has been having trouble sleeping lately and the last two months have been very stressful for them. 
  • They are grateful for the response they received on Saturday, however.