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VIDEO - Being the Elite: 'F The Elite'

Backstage footage from AEW Dynamite in Chicago was shown.

Video --

Opening --

  • The video begins with the Young Bucks announcing a virtual signing with Highspots for December 1. 

The Young Bucks arrive in Chicago --

  • The Young Bucks were shown in a lounge on Tuesday night and said they weren't sure what kind of reaction they would get from the Chicago crowd that week. 
  • We then cut to a travel montage. 

Colt Cabana promoting --

  • Cabana was shown promoting items for sale at

Ryan Nemeth goes hiking --

  • Footage of Nemeth preparing a staged video of him hiking was shown. 
  • Those behind the camera said he was "walking funny" like he had "fake knees or something." Nemeth grew increasingly frustrated with their criticism. 

The Best Friends have a talk with Danhausen --

  • The Best Friends were shown having a frank conversation with Danhausen. They asked him if he wanted to talk about being all satanic and carrying around a jar of teeth at Full Gear. Danhausen said he did not want to talk about it and then was that. 
  • Trent Beretta then continued to promote his mom Sue's book available on Amazon here

Footage from backstage at AEW Dynamite --

  • Footage of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks before they went out to the ring at Dynamite was shown. The trio agreed that if the crowd was being disrespectful to them then they would cheat in their match against Death Triangle.

AEW Dynamite footage --

  • Much like they did with the "F--k CM Punk" chants from last week, the music stopped during this week's episode as well to allow the "F--K the Elite" chants to be featured. They also included when the Chicago crowd chanted "F--k CM Punk" too, however. 

Thanksgiving breakfast --

  • The Young Bucks, Rick Knox, Brandon Cutler, and Christopher Daniels all had Thanksgiving breakfast together and said what they were thankful for to close the video.