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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Head of Talent Relations'

Christopher Daniels confronts Matt Jackson on this week's BTE.

Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

  • This was a short episode, presumably due to Brandon Cutler being sidelined with COVID-19.

The cold open --

  • Christopher Daniels confronted Matt Jackson in a bathroom. Matt was afraid that Daniels was looking for retribution for him ending his AEW career, but Daniels said he needed him to look over his 401k papers. Daniels magically disappeared. 

Dark Order --

  • After being transformed into a tiny pumpkin on last week's episode, the group looked after Colt Cabana. They then tried to brainstorm different ways to turn him back into a human. Stu Grayson thought that hitting the pumpkin with a chair might work, but he was talked out of it. 10 tried to give Colt drugs, but it didn't work. Alex Reynolds offered the pumpkin money, but that also didn't work. John Silver started kissing the pumpkin, then was going to perform sexual favors for it before he was stopped. The group decided to go to their dressing room to brainstorm more. 
  • Adam Cole approached Silver and Reynolds. He has been missing the attention that they were giving him. He was about to say something heartfelt, then Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly entered and the group started insulting Silver and Reynolds.