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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'Just Hit Send'

Matt Jackson considers texting Hangman Page during the episode.

Video --

This week's episode features the Young Bucks as they travel around Chicago and Detroit. With so many of their friends injured at the moment, Matt Jackson considers sending a text to Hangman Page at the end of the episode. In the end, he never does send the message, however. 

The Young Bucks in Chicago --

  • The episode begins with clips of the Young Bucks traveling around Chicago and later Detroit.  

Ryan Nemeth --

  • Ryan Nemeth is shown working out in a gym. He said he is the king of AEW Dark and Dynamite "can't afford" him.  

The Young Bucks travel montage --

  • More clips of the Bucks and their families traveling around Chicago are shown. 
  • They spoke about having a "hell of a run" as of late. They said they got robbed of having a five-star match recently. The Bucks also mentioned how Sting said it was "an honor" to wrestle them. 
  • A montage of them doing a photo shoot was then shown. 

Mustard toss to determine the #1 contender to the BTE Championship --

  • John Silver, Evil Uno, and Trent Beretta were shown. Silver announced that they were going to play a variation of a game of mustard toss. 
  • Beretta and Uno then played a game with the winner being declared the #1 contender to Silver's BTE Championship. 
  • There was some confusion over how the scoring works. Things got a little tense. Beretta eventually won. 

The Young Bucks are out of friends, except for.... --

  • A lonely Matt Jackson is seen sitting in a chair. He pulls out his phone and begins to text someone. 
  • The shot switches to Matt's perspective as he's looking at his phone. We see that he is texting "Hangman." 
  • Matt writes, "Hey man, I think it's time we talk. Can we just forget about the last couple of years? You're one of our best friends and I feel like we just need to have one conversation. It can fix all of this. I love you dude."
  • Matt deletes the whole text and doesn't send it, however.