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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'Kenny Omega is Back!'

Kenny Omega returns on this week's edition of BTE.

Video --

Opening --

  • Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks are shown reuniting in slow motion to kick off the show. 
  • They then super kicked Michael Nakazawa. 

Matt Hardy watches a Private Party match --

  • Hardy has been trying to make amends for his bad deeds as of late. He was shown in the back this week watching a Private Party match on the monitor. 
  • He said he will keep an eye on Private Party from afar. 

Ryan Nemeth knows a lot of facts about sharks --

  • Nemeth is shown multiple times in the back asking Trent Beretta if he knows different shark facts. 

"Smart" Mark Sterling on "position theft" --

  • This week, Sterling ran a commercial looking for victims of "position theft" or someone who has been passed over for a role. 
  • Mark Jindrak, famously not of Evolution, revealed that Sterling got him the financial compensation he deserved. 

Hangman Page and The Dark Order think a Trios team consists of four people --

  • Hangman was shown leading the Dark Order through a rather unique workout when Evil Uno revealed he won't be there for their first tournament match next week. He'll be in Germany representing AEW Games. 
  • They all seem to believe that a Trios team consists of four people. Since they will only have three wrestlers for next week, they are now worried about being outnumbered. 

Highlights of Kenny Omega's return are shown --

  • Brandon Cutler's footage of Omega's return is shown. 
  • Clips of Omega's post-match promo were shown as well. 

John Silver vs. Alex Reynolds BTE Championship --

  • Silver and Reynolds played a drinking game but not with alcohol, they used water instead. 
  • At one point, Silver sang his version of the Jurassic Park theme song but with lyrics. 
  • Silver ended up winning and successfully defending his title. 

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega --

  • Omega and the Bucks were shown in the back eating a lot of takeout food to close out the show. 
  • They talked about Omega's ring rust on Dynamite but also mentioned that nobody else could have teamed with them.  Nakazawa and Cutler both took offense to this which Omega found really funny.