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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'Live-Love-Superkick'

The Young Bucks suspend Brandon Cutler with pay while they travel to Mexico.

Video --

Opening --

  • The opening this week featured a series of shots of the Young Bucks hugging and pretending to super kick the camera as a narrator said, "Live, love, Superkick."

The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler

  • Matt & Nick Jackson showed off some new shoes they bought while making fun of Cutler. 
  • They eventually told Cutler he was suspended for the next week so he would not get to go to Mexico with them for TripleMania. Cutler would instead go to Legoland. 
  • They bragged about being rich enough to get new gear for every match and showed off what they wore for last week's 10-man tag match on Dynamite. 

Adam Cole and Christopher Daniels

  • Adam Cole was cutting a promo in the back when Daniels appeared out of nowhere and said he wants a rematch for the BTE Championship. Cole pretended to get a call from Fish & O'Reilly so he wouldn't have to defend his belt this week. 
  • Daniels appeared to get a call about someone on the roster having said something to Dave Meltzer and he ran off as well. 

The Young Bucks on AEW Dynamite last week

  • Footage was shown of the Young Bucks from last week's Dynamite in Philadelphia. Along with Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly they wrestled in a 10-man tag. 
  • After the match, Cole and the Young Bucks talked about how united the Undisputed Elite now are. Matt said they were, "All in on the Undisputed Elite." They then made fun of Cutler some more.

The Young Bucks and the Hardys

  • The Hardys came in to congratulate the Bucks on their win on Dynamite. The Bucks are almost back to being their old selves after going through a depressing period following their loss to FTR. 
  • Matt Hardy said that when they have the dream match with the Bucks, he wants them to be their best and be their old cocky selves.  
  • After the Hardys left, Matt called Edge and Christian the best tag team of the 2000s. Nick said it was actually the Dudleyz. They then said the Hardys were only over because of Lita and her thong. 
  • The camera panned out and the Hardys had been listening all along. Matt Hardy was happy the Bucks were back to being themselves again. 

Ryan Nemeth --

  • Nemeth shared what a day in the life of being a Hollywood hunk is like. He talked about doing an audition over Zoom and how he sometimes just randomly has to pose for pictures. 

The Young Bucks go to Mexico, Cutler goes to Legoland --

  • Footage was shown of the Young Bucks traveling to Mexico. Some footage was also show of Cutler going to Legoland during his paid suspension. 
  • Highlights of the Young Bucks at TripleMania was shown. 

The Hardys

  • The video cut to the Hardys before the end. Matt looked at the camera and said, "Young Bucks, I knew you'd come!"