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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Nick's Lost Luggage'

Travel woes plague The Young Bucks on this week's BTE.

Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

  • Matt Jackson and Brandon Cutler talked about their battle with COVID as Nick Jackson was searching for his lost luggage.

The Elite --

  • Christopher Daniels' gimmick of the scary head of talent relations continued. He gave Adam Cole his business card and told him to email or text him if he had any questions about payroll, travel or merchandise.
  • The Bucks were upset that Cutler grew a full beard in two days while they have to work hard to grow their beards.
  • Cutler got a pep talk from Michael Nakazawa, encouraging him to stand up for himself when Kyle O'Reilly calls him "Landon." O'Reilly berated Cutler for not getting his latte order correct. Cutler did not stand up for himself.
  • Cutler Cam aired footage from Dynamite and Rampage.
  • Matt and Cutler again discussed Nick's lost luggage.

Leva Bates & Peter Avalon--

  • Bates asked JD Drake why Peter Avalon wasn't there. Drake said he cancelled Avalon's flight because Leva is manipulative and doesn't care about Peter. Bates stole Drake's keys. Drake didn't find out until later, then called Bates a "carny b*tch."