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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Read 'Em & Weep'

The Hardys confronted the Young Bucks backstage in Baltimore.

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Open --

  • The video opens with the Bucks and Brandon Cutler in Baltimore playing basketball. The ball got lost in the woods and they sent Brandon to go get it because that's just kind of how they treat Brandon. 

The Young Bucks playing basketball

  • After the intro, we cut back to the Young Bucks playing basketball. Cutler brought up how the Bucks are back to feeling their old selves again. He said that it was the Hardys who helped them overcome their recent funk due to their loss to FTR. 
  • The Bucks said it was the words, "Live, love, super kick" that actually helped them recover. They then super kicked Brandon in slow motion because that's just how they treat Brandon. 

Adam Cole and Christopher Daniels schedule their BTE Championship rematch

  • Cole and Daniels were arguing in the back about their rematch for the BTE Championship. Cole wanted to play paper, rock, scissors, but Daniels wanted to play blackjack. 
  • Brandon then suggested a best of three series with a dice game being the third fall. They then scheduled their rematch for next week. 

Leva Bates and "Peter's Paw Print"

  • Peter Avalon stuck a post-it note on Bates with a "paw print" drawn on it. This sent her off on a treasure hunt to determine its meaning. She then traveled around looking for clues. 
  • Bates gathered clues such as a tea bag, a Jacksonville Jaguars logo, and some money. She then concluded that Peter was trying to tell her that she should tea bag a jaguar for its lunch money. Peter then said he really just meant to tell her that Tony Khan needs to talk to her about something to do with wardrobe. 

Class action lawsuit against Danhausen

  • "Smart" Mark Sterling aired a commercial looking for people who have been cursed by Danhausen for a class action lawsuit. 

The Dark Order feels like they are missing someone

  • The Dark Order was shown sitting around wondering who from their group was missing. It was Stu Grayson but they decided it must be Anna Jay they were thinking of. 
  • They talked about Hangman's promo from last week's Dynamite. John Silver said he didn't see it because he was watching Harry Potter. He continued to say he got high, watched Harry Potter, and then went on TV and cut a promo on CM Punk. He has no idea what he said. They then debated what the CM in CM Punk stands for. Silver faces Punk next week on Dynamite. 

The Young Bucks and Hardys

  • The Hardys confronted the Young Bucks about their face to face from last week's Dynamite. 
  • Matt Hardy told the Bucks the next time they get in their faces like that, it'll turn into a fight. 
  • After the Hardys left the room, they spoke to each other about how the old Young Bucks are almost back. 
  • The show then ended with the Bucks filming Cutler while he was sleeping at an airport because that's just kind of how they treat Brandon.