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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'Teleportation'

The Young Bucks explained how they appeared on both AEW Rampage and ROH Supercard of Honor Friday night.

Video --

The Cold Open --

  • Adam Cole, Danhausen, Evil Uno, the Young Bucks, and Brandon Cutler were shown asking each other questions such as, "What kind of super-power would you like to have?" While multiple people said they would like to be able to fly, Cole mentioned he wants to be able to teleport. 

The Young Bucks --

  • Nick Jackson bragged about paying $4000 for three pairs of shoes. Highlights of their match against Top Flight from Rampage on Friday night then aired before the video cut to the next scene. 

Hangman Page --

  • The AEW World Champion was shown buckling his belt into the passenger's seat of his car. The camera panned to the backseat where several members of the Dark Order were squished together. Reynolds claimed he called shotgun but Page seemed unmoved by this. They agreed to drive to Chilli's but as the car drove away there were more Dark Order members hanging out of the trunk. 

The Young Bucks --

  • Matt & Nick Jackson were in the back talking about their match against Top Flight from Rampage. Matt mentioned it would be great to swing by the ROH Supercard of Honor show but they can't be in two places at once. The idea being that they are not acknowledging that Rampage was a taped show. 
  • Nick said he knows someone who can help them teleport to the show. He then transformed into his "Merch Freak" character. The brothers then traveled through some type of portal and arrived in Dallas. Clips of them running in after the Briscoes vs. FTR match were then shown. 

Howdy Price --

  • Howdy Price tried out new hats. Finally, someone brought out the exact same model of his previous hat that was stolen by Negative One. 
  • The hat then began to talk and insulted Howdy's breathe. This then led to him running amok and beating up everyone in the room. 

Ryan Nemeth --

  • Nemeth encouraged fans to cheer for the camera. After a few other questions, he then instructed the fans to act like they were crying. Only a few obliged. Clips of him doing a standup routine were shown as well. 

BTE Championship --

  • Adam Cole said he would accept a challenge from the next person to walk through the door. Cutler then walked in and the match was on. 
  • The winner of the game would be the person who picks a number between one and 20 that is closest to the same number Matt Jackson picks. 
  • Matt revealed the number he picked was seven. 
  • Cutler went first and picked three. Cole went second and hit Matt's number on the nose when he guessed seven. Cole retains the title. 
  • The Young Bucks then confronted Cole over what happened last week but agreed to let bygones be bygones and the show came to a close.