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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'Three Simple Words'

The Young Bucks continue to live by the motto, "Live, Love, Superkick."

Video --

Opening --

  • The video opened with Kyle O'Reilly on the phone yelling at Delta airlines about various travel problems. The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler entered the room all chipper and said they owe their new attitudes to three simple words, "Live, Love, Superkick" and then super kicked O'Reilly in slow motion.

The Young Bucks get more shoes --

  • The Young Bucks checked out new AEW-branded shoes. 

Christopher Daniels takes a COVID test --

  • Daniels is shown practicing various dice and card games as well as paper, rock, scissors for his rematch with Adam Cole.
  • He said nothing can stop him from winning back the title but then started to sneeze. He was then shown taking a COVID test, so it looks like there will be no contest between him and Cole again this week. 

"Smart" Mark Sterling launching a class action lawsuit against Wardlow --

  • A commercial aired featuring Sterling looking for AEW security team members who have been assaulted by Wardlow for a class action lawsuit. 

Brandon Cutler booked to face Bear Bronson --

  • The Young Bucks revealed to Cutler that he will face Bear Bronson on Dark: Elevation this week. 

Ryan Nemeth is no longer undefeated --

  • Nemeth is not counting his loss to John Silver on his record. He says he's still undefeated. He also plugged a comedy show he's doing with his brother, Dolph Ziggler. 

"Peter's Paw Print" --

  • JD Drake was talking to Bates and Avalon when Bates revealed it was time to play another game of "Peter's Paw Print." 
  • Bates then went searching for clues to solve the mystery. 
  • She found pictures of a dog and a carnival. Bates herself was found to be the third clue and Avalon determined the mystery was that Bates is a "carny b**ch."

The Young Bucks try to be nicer to Brandon Cutler --

  • The Young Bucks tried to do something nice for Brandon by bringing in the guy from Impractical Jokers but Brandon got too excited and "ruined the moment" according to the Bucks, who then told him to shut up. 

Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas --

  • Avalon decided he needs to call his original wingman, Ray Rosas to help him meet women.

The Young Bucks and Hardys --

  • The Hardys confronted the Young Bucks about coming out to the stage for Jeff Hardy vs. Darby Allin last week. 
  • Matt Jackson told the Hardys that the Young Bucks have surpassed them now. They said that the Bucks are in their prime and the Hardys are not. 
  • Matt Hardy said the Bucks are the reason they are in AEW now. He continued to say that the Hardys went through things in their careers that the Bucks never had to. 
  • The Hardys then dared the Bucks to punch them but the Bucks walked away instead.