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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'Trios'

The Young Bucks and others are preparing for the AEW to introduce trios championships.

Video --

Opening --

  • Adam Cole is shown watching the Young Bucks interact with Hangman Page backstage at Dynamite last week. He doesn't say anything but doesn't seem pleased. 

Brandon Cutler and the Young Bucks in Boston --

  • The Young Bucks, Christopher Daniels, and Brandon Cutler were shown in the locker room. They all sounded down due to their recent losses. 

"Pretty" Peter Avalon music video --

  • A music video featuring Peter Avalon is shown. 
  • Ryan Nemeth and Cezar Bononi were also featured in the video. 

Matt Hardy tries to make amends again --

  • Matt Hardy is shown looking for the Young Bucks when Jose the Assistant appeared. 
  • Hardy gave him $20 as penance for treating him wrong in the past. 
  • Hardy was confused, however, because he never took Jose's money and never physically hurt him. 
  • The two shook hands, but then Hardy kicked him in the groin and said Jose has to pay his penance too because he's "not a good guy."

Ryan Nemeth highlights --

  • Highlights of Ryan Nemeth from AEW Dark were shown. 
  • Nemeth was later shown at the premiere for They/Them. The slasher film debuts on August 5 on Peacock. 

Hangman Page and the Dark Order --

  • Page and the Dark Order are shown celebrating with a few drinks for Page's birthday. 
  • Wheeler Yuta then came in and choked out Evil Uno and everyone seemed to enjoy this. 
  • As The Dark Order kept drinking, Page seemed distracted and not really into the celebration. 
  • Talk then led to the "threesome" titles. Page tried to hype up John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Ten, and Evil Uno to go after the new belts. The Dark Order members decided they will form a foursome and attempt to win the AEW Trios Championships but what will Hangman Page do?