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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'We've Got Nothing Left'

The Young Bucks were in Savannah, Georgia for this week's BTE.

Video --

Opening --

  • The video opens with the Young Bucks welcoming Brandon Cutler back to work. Cutler brought them new ring gear as well. 

Young Bucks travel montage --

  • A travel montage was shown featuring clips of the Bucks making their way to Savannah, Georgia for last week's Dynamite. 

The Best Friends --

  • Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta were shown searching for weapons to use against Wardlow on Dynamite. 
  • Taylor became very excited when he found a chainsaw to use. 

Matt Hardy apologizes to Private Party --

  • Private Party were shown in the back reacting to their loss on Rampage. Matt Hardy wandered in and apologized to both of them for how he treated them.
  • He gave them each a cheque for the money he took from them while he was their manager. 
  • Hardy just wants to atone for all the bad things he did in the past. 
  • He then asked them to hurt him. Private Party obliged and beat him up for a little bit and then dumped a couch on top of him. 

Ryan Nemeth talks to animals about wrestling --

  • Ryan Nemeth was shown talking to some deer and asking them questions about wrestling. The deer had little to add to the conversation. 

#1 contenders match for the BTE Championship: Evil Uno vs. Hangman Page --

  • Page and Uno faced off in a game of old school Pac-Man to determine who will face Silver next for the BTE Championship. 
  • Evil Uno picked up the victory and will now move on to challenge for the title next week. 

AEW Dynamite highlights --

  • Highlights of the Young Bucks from the main event of Dynamite this week were shown. 
  • Somber music then played over top of clips of the brothers looking dejected after having lost the tag titles.